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The terrornauts 1967

The Terrornauts is a science fiction film produced by Amicus Productions. It went out on a double bill with They Came from Beyond Space. This double bill has been called "the two worst films the company ever produced". The film is based on The Wailing Asteroid by Murray Leinster, adapted for screen by John. Sci-Fi · A group of scientists are kidnapped and taken into outer space aboard a saucer. 19 May When he inadvertently contacts an alien race, astronomer Dr. Joe Burke, accompanied by his building and those within it, is transported to another galaxy. Upon arrival, the humans see a futuristic scenario of Earth's fate, as this barbaric world was once a civilized society. Terrornauts is based on a Will F.

The Terrornauts (). Hi all, Nate here. Want some forgotten British sci-fi from Harold Wilson's third year as Prime Minister? Yes? Really mean that? Ok, you asked for it. So we open with what is pretty much a one-man SETI operation, led by a tall, handsome scientist named Joe who is working with a rented radio. Residents of a radio telescope laboratory are kidknapped when they answer a mysterious signal from outer space. They are taken to a satelite inhabited only by robots, where they are presented with a series of intelligence tests. Since this is a mystery as well as a sci-fi movie I will only say that the rest of the plot deals with.


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