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Ok. I am really upset that the fact that TS generator was taken out of FL Studio Version Before anyone says just use 3xOSC and some other plugin, I have many projects that I used TS in and now that V12 doesn't have it, im stuck either RECREATING OR FORCED TO USE ANOTHER PLUGIN!?. This thread alone proves that there will be such a thing as "vintage plugin effects" . It also proves that it's all about nostalgia. The original TS like many others of that day, sounds absolutely horrible to my ears. I always thought it sounded horrible.. back then I had a fair share of hardware though so I had a. Sorry, the sites where you could download the TS does not work anymore. Does anyone know where you can download the old TS? http://www. Here if I click on download does not work. Thank you. Suono & Computer_Y.T. Suono & Computer_Site.

TS, Not really dedicated to 8-bit sound, Transistor Synth is a virtual analogue, multitimbral synthesizer for Windows. You can use it to create fat basslines, melodies or just noise in true TB (ReBirth) fashion. A good way to understand and play with basic waveforms (sine, square, triangle)! The ZIP archive. TS is a high-quality freeware virtual analog software synthesizer developed ' 98/' It still works/sounds great under current Windows versions (e.g. Windows XP) with very low CPU usage. It is not a plugin but runs standalone. Note that the TS Channel Settings page appears only in channels that hold a TS generator. NOTE: With the release of FL Studio 12, TS Bassline Synthesizer will no longer be supported. If opened, the internal engine will still be usable, but the GUI will be blank and will ask you to use a different plugin.

Instruments/plugins/VST/. April 28, @pm. rythmking #4. 6 years ago. Some are better than others, but this should get you really going. http://www. VST/. I am a big fan of the old and simple Odo's b-station , which you can't download from the developer's site anymore (I still use it sometimes, the sound reminds me of a lost cousin of the nice-and-easy TS). This one (version 2) has different, interesting features and is capable of some good punchy, agressive and dirty. Guys i have found a way to get TS back. I have Fl Studio 4 CE (creative edition) and by using that you can get the plugin preset to other fl.


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