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My Japanese has become a little rusty and I thought reading some raw manga might refresh me a little. What are some good sites to find them? Thanks. 7 Oct There's a website called Read Manga Online () where you can read manga online for free. But you say that you want to read it 'raw,' so that must mean that you want to read manga comic books, directly from their primary source, and hold them in your hands. I would check out your local bookstore or library. Manga Raw Download - Raw Scans - Raw Zip - Raw Scan Manga. is your best free source to download latest Japanese Raw Manga, Anime, Magazine, Weekly Jump, Novel, Artbook, Games, manhwa & many more. アニコレ» 当サイトはアニメ、漫画の作品紹介.

24 Sep Hello guys, As u all know, if u want to read english translated manga it is very easy but this is not what i want to ask. I want to know if anybody know where we can find a site that have provide free raw manga site and all of it's contents and button or menu if u want to search a specific manga all in japan not in. HD Raw Manga Reader. Read all latest Manga Updates, get a Preview of the next chapter of popular manga's, Request Manga's, Read Online and Discuss about it. No intrusive ads or malwares!. Read the topic about a site for raw manga on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! (Topic ID: ).

Highly recommend reading her blog, you will find summaries to a lot of manga and she has many link where you can read raw or Chinese translated manga so take a look!! >>>A Dreamer on Drugs~~~ =3Katmanga that a lot of people were asking for. Raw Manga Web Sites!. 17 Feb this is a list of official sites that lets you read untranslated manga on the web at no cost. if anyone knows more official sources, please let me know and i'll add it to the list. thanks. comic web new type note: web new type is owned by Kadokawa corp, a well known anime and manga publishing company. 30 Aug Manga is a Japanese style of comic books that has proven to be a big hit around the world. But it's difficult to distinguish official English translations from fan-made translations. For that, you need to know the right sites to read manga online. For a long time, manga comics weren't officially translated into.


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