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I've had a Sony ereader PRS for a few years. I just had issues this week trying to download ebooks. Kobo told me to use Adobe Digital Edition to. May 7, Hi What do you mean with “Adobe”? Adobe Digital Editions(ADE)? If yes, I think that, last Sony's e-reader devices are not compatible with ADE. You have to use one of Sony's Reader/Ebook Library software. Which is yours e-reader device model? For PRS-T1/2/3, for example, you have to use Reader for. Mar 23, Close ADE. Search your computer for the eBook and delete any copies you find. eBooks are usually saved in [My] Documents > [My] Digital Editions. If applicable, delete the contents of the "tasks" and "failed" folders in [My] Documents > [My] Digital Editions > restore. Delete your temporary internet files.

Check your software version. You must to update your device to the latest available version to receive your content. To learn more, go to Determine Your Kindle (5th Generation) Software Version. Sync to receive your content. If Whispersync is not enabled, or if your Kindle did not receive a book or periodical, try manually. Mar 9, Recently, the bookseller announced it was closing their app store, video store and UK e-book store. Instead of making it easy for people to access their content, users have to jump through a million hoops. Barnes and Noble was one of the first big companies to capitalize on the emerging e-reader space in. I have previously been able to download books from Google Play Books and load them onto my Sony E-reader through Sony's Reader for PC program. Now when I load the ACSM into the reader it comes up with failed to download content . The catch is that ACSM files downloaded from other websites.

There are two ways you can perform a basic reset on your Kobo Wireless or Kobo Original eReader. If your eReader fails to respond, first try recharging it and powering it off and on. If that doesn't work, you may need to reset it. A basic reset will usually help, and doesn't affect the content of your eReader. Hold down the. In your Sony Reader software on your computer, click the My Library tab. Tap the covers of the books you want to sync to your eReader. Select the Copy to Reader button at the bottom left corner of the screen. Your Kobo eBooks will sync to your Sony Reader. When your content has finished syncing, eject your eReader from. Dec 26, Without any actual detail, you don't make life easy but first comment always, " Have you authorised the eReader yet?" Does Sony software say it is authorised or even earlier, have you got your Adobe ID to allow authorisation?" elcreative is offline.


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