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Twentynine Palms is a film directed by Bruno Dumont. Plot[edit]. With a Russian girl called Katia, a young American photographer called David drives a Hummer from Los Angeles to a motel in the little desert town of Twentynine Palms. As she hardly speaks English and he speaks no Russian, they talk in French. 29 Palms is a film directed by Leonardo Ricagni about a bag of money that affects the characters who possess it, and its varied contents, as it passes from one to another. It stars Jeremy Davies, Michael Lerner, Litefoot, Russell Means, Chris O'Donnell, Keith David, and Jon Polito. In Eagle Pictures released it. Drama · This is the story of a bag of money and the people who come into contact with it.

Drama · David, an independent photographer, and Katia, an unemployed woman , leave Los Angeles, en route to the southern California desert, where they search a natural set to use as a .. Nr on Slant Magazine's 'The Best Films of the Aughts' list: "This minimalist horror film from French auteur 'Bruno Dumont' pares all aspects of narrative. 19 Aug played by Jeremy Davies, and The Sheriff, played by Keith David. Before hitting American video-store shelves in , 29 Palms screened at the München Fantasy Filmfest and the Cologne Fantasy Film Festival, both in Germany. The film should not be confused with the Bruno Dumont picture of the. 9 Apr Movie Info. David, an independent photographer, and Katia, an unemployed woman, leave L.A. to explore the desert terrain in search of a natural set for a magazine photo-shoot. The attractive couple finds a motel at 29 Palms, and subsequently spends their days on their four-wheelers, discovering the.

27 Feb Twentynine Palms is precisely the reason why Bruno Dumont is the only living director that could have made The Passion of the Christ work not as a torture mechanism of unaddressed brutality but as a. Twentynine Palms movie reviews & Metacritic score: Twentynine Palms is a small , remote American town deep in the desert of central California. It provides th.


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