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Modloader beta 1.4

Hello:: Info: This mod adds new tools which are the default tools but they are made silver. This mod also adds a new Silver Block (which is. Install ModLoader and ModLoader MP. - Copy everything inside this folder client (DayZModBeta) into - Go to the folder. Minecraft. - Copy and paste the resources folder (Replace if necessary). Tutorial Server Installation: http :// - Open the file with Winrar ModLoader for Minecraft is a popular Mod installer for the very popular Minecraft game. With ModLoader for Minecraft installed, it makes it much easier for users without much technical knowledge to install different mods in Minecraft. To initially install ModLoader for Minecraft, the actual install process can be a tad tricky, but.

Food Plus Mod The Food Plus mod gives you 12 new food items. It adds cabbage oranges chocolate milk and much more. The mod is constantly being updated so wait for more food items and features. If you would like to help texture items please PM me. Ideas are welcome. Content Cabbage Candy. I am delaying because I'm about to release a new mod and I am working on it so don't expect quick updates. Thanks so much EnderArms for the video Here it is I would highly appreciate it if someone could make an image to post Your name will be on this forum n8moPlaysMC thanks so much for the. This mod is just getting started Soon it will be the edible everything mod There will be bone bites and more. But let's get to the stuff that's in the mod right now If you don't understand something just tell me Also Emerald Craves They also fully heal your hunger bar but the difference is it.

NEEDS MODLOADER GUYS Follow me on twitter bobnise09 UPDATE COMING Est. 3 Days 2 weeks from 2 4 13 Hello. This mod adds candy tools ores blocks and gems For now in later updates there will be armor and much more stuff. This mod adds candy cane gem candy blue gem candy red gem.


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